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June 26th 2020

It's hard to believe that June is almost over. We have had tremendous progress the past two weeks, below are the updates.

Burlington High SchoolNations Roofing has finished the roof section over the gym and will be completely done next week.Asphalt Contractors was pushed out until July.BASD staff have been painting in the high school and have completed the weight room and are now working on the main corridor.Cooper ElementaryLiepert Tile has completed the two girls bathrooms and will now move onto the boys bathroomsAll of Cooper's windows have been abated.Balestieri is abating the tile on the first floor corridors.Painting has been completed on the gym.Dyer IntermediateAll rough in electrical, plumbing and HVAC has been completed in the new administration area.Drywall has been completed in the the new administration area, bathrooms and classrooms.Ackman Glass has completed installing the new windows frames and glass. They will be back to install the operable portion of the wind…
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June 12th, 2020

Summer has officially started for BASD students, but with summer brings our Building and Grounds department to the busiest time of the year. Progress on our summer projects are progressing rapidly. Below are some updates from the past two weeks.

Burlington High SchoolNations Roofing completed vacuuming of the old stone from the gym section. We did have a couple of water leaks but Nations Roofing has fixed the leaks in the old membrane.Nations Roofing has completed all the sections for a fully adhered roof and will be completed with the project next week.Asphalt Contractors will begin milling the west parking lot next week.Cooper ElementaryAll (rough in) electrical and plumbing has been completed and inspected.Liepert Tile has been in the past two weeks laying the new tile for the bathrooms.Integrity has been back onsite continuing the abatement and removal of old windows.Dyer Intermediate Scherrer Construction has completed the new openings for entering from outside into the new admin…

May 28th, 2020

Projects around the district continue to progress and stay on schedule. The following progress has taken place in the last two week.

Burlington High SchoolNations Roofing has completed the vacuuming of the old stone off of the roof. They have also started pealing off the old membrane and applying the new roofing system.Ketter's Flooring was in this week installing the new carpet in the library. They are expected to finish this week.Drywall work was completed in the library.Cooper ElementaryScherrer Construction has completed all of the mason work for the new openings into the bathrooms.Edge electric has been onsite roughing in the new electric.Dyer IntermediateScherrer Construction has completed the new openings into the bathrooms.Balestrieri has completed the abatement work in the 2 classrooms that will become the new administration area. Also they have completed the abatement in the old office suite and will continue to remove windows on-site.Scherrer Construction has completed t…

May 14th, 2020

In the last two weeks, there has been tremendous progress throughout the district on the referendum and capital projects. So far this is what has taken place around the district.

Burlington High SchoolNations Roof was on site and started the process of vacuuming off the old stone from the roof.Materials have been delivered for the new carpet in the Library.Drywallers have been onsite fixing cracks in the soffits of the skylights in the library.Cooper ElementaryScherrer Construction has completed demo work in the bathrooms.Illingworth Plumbing has relocated roof drains that were in the way for the new entrances into the bathrooms.Integrity Abatement removed the first window, the rest of the windows will begin to be removed starting June 5th.Dyer Intermediate Scherrer Construction is on-site. Demo work has started on the bathrooms and secure entrance.Balestrieri is on-site for abatement work on bathrooms and secured entrance. They will be finished by the end of the week.New exterior door…